Monday, November 14, 2005


To the people who are so precious to all of us:

We have been very cautious in the past few weeks to abide by Shelly’s wishes regarding the situation at hand. We will continue to abide by those wishes, no matter how hard they seem to us right now.

This morning, shortly after nine, we watched Shelly be welcomed into the arms of God. Although our hearts are beyond repair right now, we know that Shelly is rejoicing in being with the people she loved more than life itself.

Thank you so much for the support, prayers, words of encouragement and friendship over the past several months. It is greatly appreciated and certainly carried us through our ‘wars’.

During the past four years, we have learned so much from each of you. We are glad you have shared in our journey, but our grief will be private. Thru Shelly and before that, Shar, you all have been welcomed into our deepest trenches. We couldn’t have made it without all of your thoughts and prayers. Now, we ask that you continue to pray for those that love Shelly so much as we try to figure out life without the four people who made it worth living for.

It is with great sadness that I tell you this will be the last posting. Shelly took great pride in leaving Shar’s page untouched by anyone else and we would like to honor Shelly in that same manner. Her words and feelings will remain here, untouched by our sorrow in losing her.

God bless you all.