Sunday, September 18, 2005


Thank you all for you patience and well wishes during this past week. While I have not been able to respond to the many e-mail messages sent, nor have I have been able to return any of your phone calls, I have been made aware how many of you are watching over me during this time. I can’t promise when I will be able to respond to each of you, just know I’m trying and I will at some point get back to all of you.

Life isn’t going so well here. My Dad and Sophie are hanging on with help from the mass of people that love us so much. We have daily visitors here that are helping to keep the house together and to keep those two fed in my absence. As for me . . . well, I can’t share what is going on with me, but I can ask you to please continue to pray for strength, not only for myself but for my Dad and Aunt Sophie as well. God is breaking us, our spirits are broken already, our hearts are shattered, but right now, we don’t have anything left to hang on for or to.

I wish I had more to say or the energy available to say it. I have spent the last few hours searching thru Mom’s computer looking for something. Instead of what I wanted, I found dozens of photos that brought me to my knees and many more things that flooded my eyes with tears. I miss my Mom so much. Right now, I need her more than anything. I need my sister. I need my Aunt Kay. I need to know I’m not alone on my path. I keep trying to remind myself of my Mom’s words that we are so blessed . . . but I can’t. Blessings do not seem so clear right now.

Again, just as last week, I cannot promise when the next one will come either. I will update as I can and again, if need be, a guest blogger is in place. As stated above, I am not doing many of the return phone calls, but they have been handling everything. Just as it was last week, if you need something, please feel free to call my Dad or Aunt Sophie’s cell phone(s).

As some of you may have noticed, there is a secondary post under this one. That is because I wanted to share two separate songs with you this evening. The first (listed in this post) is a song that describes exactly where I am tonight. The second (listed below) explains how much I just want this to be over. To listen to both, just press the forward arrow button.

Please listen. I need you to hear me.

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Anonymous Jane R. said...

To Shelly's loved ones:

I just had a phone call from Tessa who was moments away from boarding a flight to head to Joplin to be with the family at this time.

She asked that I jump on here and ask that people pray for the family, for Shelly most of all. I am not at liberty to say what it is going on, but please know that they all need prayer right now. I wish I could give you specific needs, but I can assure you that they need strength and courage at the moment. Shelly needs energy to make it through what she is facing, Ben needs faith, and Sophie needs to be able to feel those of us that love them so much.

I will be staying here in Kansas until later tonight. Once Tessa arrives in Joplin, the plan is to see where things are and then if needed, I will drive down tonight. If I do not go down tonight, I will be going down in the morning to stay as long as needed.

When Tessa gets there, I will leave a comment here on how things are going. I know Shelly has a friend who will blog if need be. If you are Ria and you are reading, please post this where others will not miss it.

Jane R.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Jane R. said...

To Shelly's loved ones:

It is 12:11a.m. and Ben just called to ask that I come earlier than we had planned as they could use the support right now. Rush and I are leaving for Joplin shortly.

Please pray for this family, for strength for the entire family. Ria, if you do happen to see this, please post it in the open area so that as many people as possible can be praying for Shelly and the family at this time.

Jane R.

12:19 AM  
Blogger Sunnyside said...

I am sitting here, tears running down my checks after reading your posts. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you.

8:42 PM  

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