Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I promised a post tonight and it's not happening, I'm sorry.

It isn't a matter of not wanting to post, but rather a matter of not having the right things to say. I could try to come up with the words, but nothing could even come close to what I am feeling right now. While the post from yesterday was not intended to scare anyone, I am now aware it did. Please know that I am safe and be taken care of by the people that love me. While I am falling apart inside, I know that there are people standing here ready to pick up the shattered remains. I am safe from myself tonight, please don't worry.

I will be unavailable for posting, returning calls, or responding to e-mail until late this weekend. If you need anyone, someone will be available on Dad or Sophie's cell phone(s). I can't promise when the next post will be, just know it is coming. If something should happen that extends my absence, I am sure there will be a short update from Ria if need be (thanks in advance, Ria).


Anonymous Tessa & Denver said...

To all of Shelly's readers:

This is a message coming from Boston in the early morning hours. I just had a call from Ben who is asking for as many prayers for Shelly as possible. Some things have happened today that were unexpected and she could use all of the prayers we can send. They all could, really.

I know that there a few of you who know exactly where the family is at this week and please know that Ben has stressed to me that they are trying to stay as strong as possible right now. Ben's cell phone is on and for the most part, he has had the ability to use it, but asks that you limit the amount of calls as they try to help Shelly right now. I did not ask about Sophie's phone, but I assume it is with her. I don't know if anyone will see this who doesn't leave a comment, but please spread the word to those that love Shelly.

In God's Peace,
Tessa & Denver

1:32 AM  
Blogger ria said...

Thanks for the update, Tessa. Everyone here will keep her in prayer. If you get a chance to talk to anyone please relay the message that Shelly's Abu loves her.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Jane R. said...

Shelly's loved ones,

The members of FBC (including Rush, Ellie, and myself)are all praying our hearts out to God. I spoke with Ben earlier this evening and will be driving down tomorrow to see what we can do to help the family right now. When I spoke to Ben, he stated to me that the prayers are working and that Shelly is staying very strong despite all that has transpired in the last 36 hours. Emotionally, she is hurting right now and needs continued prayers. They all still need our prayers and love.

I know Tessa has another short comment to post as I just got off the phone with her, but I wanted the people who love Shelly to know that the prayers are working, but please do not stop.

Jane R.

10:53 PM  

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