Monday, August 29, 2005


Hi, another post from Ria, filling in for Shelly for the moment. Please continue praying for Shelly, Ben and Sophie. Your prayers and concerns are greatly appreciated. At the moment, Shelly wanted me to let you know that she will be posting as soon as time allows. There have been a few obstacles including storms that cut of the internet connection, that keep her from posting. As soon as things get sorted out she will be back. She realized that many of you would be concerned of her whereabouts, that is why she left me in charge of letting you know that she will be back.
Thank you from the bottom of my own heart (and I am sure I speak for the rest of the family as well) for your prayers and best wishes.


Anonymous Tessa & Denver said...


I'm now seriously concerned. Please call as soon as you can. Thanks to your friend Ria for updating, but I am still very worried. This isn't normal to not be able to reach at least one of you...we love you.

In God's Peace,
Tessa & Denver

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Marla said...


Thanks for the update, I was just getting ready to email her as I'd expected to hear from her over the weekend. Please tell her I'm thinking of her and my prayers are with her.


4:46 PM  

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