Thursday, August 18, 2005


Sophie and I made it back home this evening. I am so tired I can’t think, much less post anything responsible and rational. I received a number of e-mails during the course of today asking if I am safe. Safe? Yeah, I guess so. Safe from myself? I guess so. Safe from the world?

A better update tomorrow evening if my sanity remains intact.


Anonymous Tessa & Denver said...


Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Our hearts want to reach out and take all of this from you, but we know that as humans, we can't do that. Our best is holding you in prayer every second of every day, which we will continue to do.

Thank you for calling last night. I'm glad you did, please know that you can do that at any time, day or night. I can't fix this, God knows I want to, but I can let you know you aren't alone. Not now. Not ever.

Denver has forwarded all the information to your Dad on the upcoming tourney. I hope it helps, I honestly do. I hope that we make a change. I know we can't bring back what is gone, but maybe we can make a change, somehow.

We love you, all of you.

In God's Peace,
Tessa & Denver

1:55 PM  
Blogger ria said...

Just remember that we have to go moose hunting, ok? I've got the spray, I've got the vehicle protection gear, and I've got the whistle. I also have a tonne of phone cards...I can see a shopping spree in our future. Just don't ever let me get in on the wrong side of the car, ok?
I am here, call me if you need anything. I love you, and we can do this. One more day, just one.
Love, your little Abu

2:39 PM  

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