Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I have sat here for the past two hours trying to figure out how to word this and everything I type comes out all wrong. I’ve typed the same sentence forty times over and it still isn’t right. I don’t how else to say this, so I will just say it.

This evening, the Angels were joined by my Aunt Kay. It was as peaceful as she wanted. Everything was just as she wanted.

"Dear Family & Friends,

There is no easy way, or words that could possibly tell express the sadness and abundance of tears as we regretfully tell you that Kay passed away this evening at 5:20pm. She took her last breath surrounded by her family, fulfilling another wish of hers, that she not be alone. Her passing was peaceful. She felt no pain.

Kay’s part in this journey has ended, she is at peace. For that, we are grateful. We thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. If it is not too much to ask, we would like to request that you please continue them for her family/friends, for strength, guidance, and whatever else you think will help us. We know too well, the difficult path that we are now facing, having been less than 9 months since we lost Shar.

Kay was 4 weeks overdue when she came into this world. Her mom told us of stories about how she would talk to Kay, encouraging her to come out into the world. She came into this world in her own way, she lived her life with that same unyielding manner, and she died in the manner she wanted. To say that she will be missed does not come close to what we are and will be feeling.

Kay died 18 years from the day that she and I (Sophie) met. As a close family member said "She wanted to write the perfect ending to her book of life, this was her way of closing out the last chapter on a high".

We apologize if you are hearing this for the first time, if this is the case, we were unable to contact you via phone. All efforts have been made to do so.

We will notify you as soon as arrangements have been made for her services. Again, many, many thanks to all of you.

With Love and Sorrow,
Sophie, Ben, Shelly"

I didn’t think life could break me any more than I am already broken. Yet again, I was wrong in my thinking. I will post more tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shelly, I'm so sorry. Take comfort in the fact that many prayers for you and your family will be uttered this day and the ones to follow.


5:17 PM  
Anonymous Jane R. said...

Shelly, Ben, and Sophie,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time and always. Your courage has been amazing, your love for Kay beautiful, and your strength everlasting.

Please know we love you and are here for anything you should need. We will see you soon.

Jane, Ellie, and Rush

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your blog and was moved. I have felt a little (a lot) distant from God as of late, but I feel closer to Him after reading your entries. I thought you should know that. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
Your Brother in Christ,
Matthew Day

3:27 PM  

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